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That's the shit. You are a genius sir. Congrats.

I'm so high.

Laughed my ass off. Good one man, it was well worth the two year wait.

I'm so high

That was tripped the fuck out, good job man.

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Fuckin' Wicked.

This is what I'm all about baby, cosmology. I'm stoned off my ass but believe me when I say I'm going to extend our knowledge about mini and macro universes.

This is a pretty amazing thing to find on a place like Newgrounds. I just want to say I'm impressed with the information you've gathered and your method of displaying it. Keep it real man, lose all limitations.


That was preeety good

But you should have had the husband come home right after the comshot and had Steve jump out the window and drive away in the van to the batman theme...that would have been hot.


Really entertaining and very addicting, epic ending and a challenging campaign. You definitely need to make another one of these but I suggest a strictly spearton version, I mean face it, that's practically the only warrior I used throughout the game and undoubtedly everyone's favorite. Could be a stick 300 or just a made up storyline, either way it would be a promising game for sure.
Thanks for the hour or so of fun,

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Good stuff man

As chill as can be with some interesting twists, kinda sounds like if wine glasses had the features of keyboards and strings. It did turn my head into a buoy though so good work mang.

Soundshifter responds:

thanks man.

It's like an epiphany in the form of music.

I really like this man, it made me smile and bob my head and think about things larger than myself, isn't that what good music is supposed to do?
Keep it real, Alexx.

Soundshifter responds:

thanks man

Verrrry chill.

Listening to this while I'm reading over your essay, they go together very well I must say.

Soundshifter responds:

sweet thanks

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This is the shit yo.

SimonG responds:

Good shit then? Thanks!


Hyeh heh heh, how you can make a comic so humorous yet sexy at the same time is beyond me, well done Fatchos, looking forward to #6!

Fatchaos responds:

Thank you very much, I try my best, and it's always great to hear I've hit the mark!

Hyeh hyeh hyeh

and one more hyeh. funny, interesting, and slightly arousing, good job lad.

Fatchaos responds:

Hah, thanks a lot XD

Same old loveable bright colored whelp as before, new account. Smoke a fat bowl for me now \m/_

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