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Fuckin' Wicked.

This is what I'm all about baby, cosmology. I'm stoned off my ass but believe me when I say I'm going to extend our knowledge about mini and macro universes.

This is a pretty amazing thing to find on a place like Newgrounds. I just want to say I'm impressed with the information you've gathered and your method of displaying it. Keep it real man, lose all limitations.


That was preeety good

But you should have had the husband come home right after the comshot and had Steve jump out the window and drive away in the van to the batman theme...that would have been hot.


Really entertaining and very addicting, epic ending and a challenging campaign. You definitely need to make another one of these but I suggest a strictly spearton version, I mean face it, that's practically the only warrior I used throughout the game and undoubtedly everyone's favorite. Could be a stick 300 or just a made up storyline, either way it would be a promising game for sure.
Thanks for the hour or so of fun,


Wicked. A game on newgrounds that took me hours to defeat? Impressive Swain, impressive.

Very good

By far the best meet'n'fuck I've played yet! I'm happy to see that your skills are progressing and that you're not just making the same thing/different story every time. I hope you keep on improving your skills vadim, I'm positive when I say this is one of the most entertaining hentai games I've ever played, and am looking forward to your futer work.

I'm really impressed

Up till now the meetn'fuck games have been okay but this game really impressed me.

If you make more in the futer (pray to god you do) please remember what you did in this one. I loved the interactive game part of it (the racing) it was something new to the just clicking in word bubbles and jerking your mouse off. And I like the new sex engine better too. And one more thing was the three different girls, it kept me playing longer and makes me definately want to play it again sometime.

Improvements: all I can really think of is sex engine things:
1. You should have the option to go back to positions rather than just clicking the same button for the position/movement until it's over. It'd give us a little more flexibility is all, definately not a major issue though.

2. I thought the idea of the girl making a noise every time she talks or you touch her was a great idea, but having the same noise the whole time got really repetitive, I suggest if you use that again (and you should) use 10-20 different noises in a random order for each girl. It's a little more work but it would make a big difference.

All in all it was a great game and I'm deffinately looking forward to more from you.


Whole game kicked even more ass then the first, but I made it to union city (a 6 day drive from where i was and had 6 days left before the deadline. I don't think the world can handle that much dissapointment, please fix this so you'll make it if it's a 6 day drive and 6 days left.

I thought it was gonna be an epic pencil hair finish


entertaining, but it's far to simple to call good

Ah brilliant!

I fucking loved this! one of my favouritist series with a great game to boost some ratings thrown in the batch, yayyayayayayayayayayayaayayayalalonee leven


I gave you a 5/5 and a 9/10. The reason it wasn't the constant 10, was because I've always known it's not a good idea to make a flash game off of a console game, noone can pull it off. However, this is the best attempt I've ever seen. (and unfortunately I've witnessed many) I enjoyed playing it and I have to admit it's very detailed and well crafted, but there are still many, many flaws which I would expect and cannot complaine about. Some example of flaws if your into editing it, would be that when running on the Melee platform map, there's alot of sliding back and forth, and when hurled off the edge, it's almost always impossible come back to the platform, though your enemies seem to do it alot easier. Another is the race to the finnish map, I got through it in a breeze but I had no clue that patch of grass was the finish, I mean the entire map was already grass,

Ah well, either way it was very good and I'm glad to see an brilliant flash artist such as yourself.

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