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Same old loveable bright colored whelp as before, new account. Smoke a fat bowl for me now \m/_

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Posted by neonwelpZ - June 25th, 2009

i'm spinning in my writings. I'm suaually high but I haven't had weed vor soool long. I'm justk the drunk.fuck i corrected something. i'm drting not to ah heh crect enything tuck right now haaa ah shit i'm drunk as b a k fuck i mean a bat. you yeah. yu. don't think. your the. special. you c see through the government shits and fuck the, dude they suck. so think with your own mind ho fuck not thers. k. yeah. fuck you. bec-fuck i corrected again because i love you so much you fukkkin no. not kkk . fu k the kkk. haters. i'm going to go now and take more wshots of whisky and open my pack so bugger off you bflock of beeeeeees!


Posted by neonwelpZ - February 13th, 2009

Our mind. It's an uncomprehendable power. We use 10% of our brains. 10....%..... That ten percent we use allows us to have senses, to think, to comprehend and addapt. To live for all this time. Imagine multiplying that by its self I.E. our entire mind and way of life and knowledge squared. Fucking squared. Dude. This pot is soooo good. I'm so thankful to whatever power mythical or scientific that gives me the Power of Smell. Wooh just ate fuckin coscos pizza. Fuckin dizzamn. Settled down now, but still high. Oh Who Hast Bestowed Upon Us The Gift OF Life? Twas The Gods. No, Twas The Earth, No Twas Your Imagination.

I'll see you all in the world of Auras.

Philisophicey of The Humand Mind...

Posted by neonwelpZ - November 13th, 2008

My god I can see newgrounds on my screen again, woot!

P.S.Don't install antivirus 09

Posted by neonwelpZ - August 28th, 2008


Posted by neonwelpZ - January 27th, 2008

WAAAGHGHHH!!! It is the most up-to-date version (proffesional 9.0 cs3) but I'm starting to think that's a bad thing. All of these tutorials are for 7.0 or 8.0... and either way it's just so damn confusing. Right now all I'm trying to start out with is a few hentai quizes. If someone would be of so kind to teach me how I'd be very greatful, in your debt, and probably include your name in my first few flashes depending on how much you tought me. So what do yo guys say, please help a know-nothing new flasher?


Posted by neonwelpZ - January 25th, 2008

The Neon Pages are finally created! There I shall be posting daily hentai images and info about my music, or myself. So check it out mates, enjoy yourselves.

The URL is http://www.theneonpages.blogspot.com


Posted by neonwelpZ - January 24th, 2008

Yeah I've been going a bit of searching around but I haven't come up with any progress. Let me explaine to those who don't know what I'm talking about:

You know free servers, or free webs? The sites that let you creat you're own website (not like myspace)? Well I need to find one that will allow pornography/nude pictures, I plan to make a site soon but I would very much like to include hentai in it. If anyone knows of any sites what-soever that allow this, please let me know! I doubt I'll even get any responces. Wish I had more chums on NG...

Where can I make my own website? (with porn)

Posted by neonwelpZ - January 14th, 2008

Alright, I'll inform ustedes. I am still the same being as neonwelp, I just forgot my password or it got hacked or some other thing. Either way I can't log into it and I've tried 1,000 different passwords and have finally given in to making a new account. So first thing everyone has to know: I AM NO NOOB! I am an experienced newgrounder. I've had a couple of little accounts before neonwelp but they were discarded shortly after creation. So now all that's left is neonwelpZ. (Which is pronounced 'Neon Welp Z' not "Neon Welps" [created accourding to dragonball z considering this is my second creation as was dragonball z to dragonball......erm....right then check out my musica as tu deseas.

neonwelpZ is spawned!