Entry #8


2009-06-25 18:07:28 by neonwelpZ

i'm spinning in my writings. I'm suaually high but I haven't had weed vor soool long. I'm justk the drunk.fuck i corrected something. i'm drting not to ah heh crect enything tuck right now haaa ah shit i'm drunk as b a k fuck i mean a bat. you yeah. yu. don't think. your the. special. you c see through the government shits and fuck the, dude they suck. so think with your own mind ho fuck not thers. k. yeah. fuck you. bec-fuck i corrected again because i love you so much you fukkkin no. not kkk . fu k the kkk. haters. i'm going to go now and take more wshots of whisky and open my pack so bugger off you bflock of beeeeeees!



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2009-06-25 18:08:49

get a keyboard with large print if you're drunk all the time :3

neonwelpZ responds:

That is a brilliant idea test, good thing I'm usually just high.